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Statement on Sheriff’s Investigators Turning Over Timothy Dean Death Case to the District Attorney

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators present case to district attorney’s office in January methamphetamine overdose death of Timothy Dean at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood home

“We’ve done all that we could do to aid the sheriff’s investigators with their investigation,” said advocate Jasmyne Cannick.  “Once again we gathered evidence and brought the sheriff’s other young men who could speak directly to their experiences with Ed Buck.  I hope that this time around the political will and prosecutorial creativity that we've seen used so often against Black people is used to bring charges against Ed Buck for the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean. Two men have died on the same mattress, in the same living room, of the same drug at the same man’s house within months of each other. Their lives mattered and so do the other men who didn’t die but who Buck continues to prey upon every day he’s a free man with the means and an internet connection.”

“Los Angeles County District Attorney has a duty to charge and prosecute Ed Buck for the murders of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean and for all the crimes he committed against the Black gay men he targeted for torture and harm for his pleasure and amusement,” said attorney Nana Gyamfi. “We expect her to do her job and find that the evidence presented to Los Angeles Sheriff’s is probable cause to immediately charge and prosecute Ed Buck in spite of his whiteness, wealth, and her political ambitions.”

Co-counsel Hussain Turk added, “The district attorneys overseeing the Ed Buck investigation have sat idly for almost two years while evidence brought to them by eyewitnesses continues to spoil.  From the moment Gemmel Moore's body was found in Ed Buck's drug infested apartment, there was enough evidence to file charges. From the moment Timothy Dean's body was found on the same mattress, in the same room, dead from having ingested the same substance as Gemmel Moore, there was enough evidence to file charges.  This is not about having sufficient evidence. This is about a widespread administrative failure to treat evidence with the care and attention it deserves because the victims are Black gay men and the suspect is a rich white benefactor of the Democratic party.”


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