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Dirty Money

CBS 2 - Following The Money An In Depth Look At Ed Buck’s Political Donations

CBS 2 - Following The Money An In Depth Look At Ed Buck’s Political Donations

Who Took Ed Buck's Dirty Money?


Below is a partial list first compiled and published by journalist Jasmyne Cannick of current and past office holders, PACs and Democratic Clubs who have received money from Ed Buck during the same time period that victims say they had dealings with him–-2008 through 2017.


Buck has donated more than $500,000 for local, state and federal campaigns. 


And while Ed Buck preys on Black men, when it came to his political donations, Black men and female candidates were the least likely to receive donations.  The handful who did receive donations from Ed Buck received very small sums when compared to the majority of donations where Buck often maxed out to the legal limit.  


Some of his highest beneficiaries include:


  • Kevin de Leon 

  • West Hollywood Mayor John Duran

  • Congressmember Ted Lieu

  • Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer


The list is broken up into five sections–Clubs, Committees & PACS, Federal, State, Los Angeles and West Hollywood.  


We asked all of these politicians and groups to return the money to the fund that was set up to get justice for all of Ed Buck's victims and to help is victims--not to Ed Buck and not to organizations that do nothing to help this population of young Black gay men. 


To date, only two people have done so--Rep. Karen Bass and Bryan Caforio.


Sources: Federal Election Committee, Open Secrets, Cal-Access, The City of West Hollywood, The City of Los Angeles.