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Press Releases 

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Death of Timothy Dean

January 9, 2020

Statement on Federal Indictment of Ed Buck
October 2, 2019

Statement from Gemmel Moore's Mother on Arrest of Ed Buck (Video)
September 25, 2019

Statement From Attorneys on DA's False and Misleading Statements on Ed Buck's Arrest
September 19, 2019

Judge Refuses to Toss Out Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Democratic Major Donor and District Attorney in Fatal Meth Overdose of Gemmel Moore
September 12, 2019

New Court Filing in Overdose Death of Black Gay Man at California Democratic Major Donor’s Home Includes ‘Human Trafficking’ Accusations 
July 8, 2019

Wrongful Death Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed by Gemmel Moore's Mother
February 26, 2019



Gemmel Moore's Obituary

Gemmel Moore's Coroner's Report

DA's Letter Rejecting Charges Against Ed Buck in Death of Gemmel Moore

Pages from Gemmel Moore's Journal

Flyer Sheriff's Department Used to Get Information on Ed Buck while Making Gemmel Moore Look Like A Criminal.  The flyer produced no information.

Gemmel Moore Wrongful Death Lawsuit

First Amended Complaint in Gemmel Moore Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Department of Justice Federal Criminal Complaint Against Ed Buck
Second Amended Complaint in Gemmel Moore Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Department of Justice Announcement of Federal Indictment

Federal Indictment
Timothy Dean Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Stigma Language Guide


The words you use matter. Learn how to talk about Gemmel Moore, Timothy Dean and all of Ed Buck's victims in a way that can help empower and validate them and all other Black gay men.

Problematic Phrase: gay black
Preferred word or phrase: Black gay, Black same-gender loving (SGL). Gay should not come before Black.  

Problematic Phrase: black (when referring to race)

Preferred word or phrase:  Black

Problematic Phrase: prostitute

Preferred word or phrase: survival sex worker, escort



Frequently Asked Questions



“Ed Buck is a danger to society, not just because of what he's doing to Black men, but what he's exposing our community to in general. He's exposing our community to being hooked on crystal meth and other drugs.”

-Jerome Kitchen

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