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Statement from the Family of Timothy Dean

Timothy Dean aka Timroy Williams

Greetings All,

We are the sisters and brothers of Mr. Timothy Dean, also known as Timroy Williams, and he was our baby brother.

We would love to tell the entire world about him. First of all, he loved all his family and friends. Tim was a very prominent outgoing young man--intelligent, smart and career driven and not trash or a bad person.

Tim was a very hard working employee at Saks Fifth Avenue and was known for his fashionable style and clothing and his matching shoes. Tim also had a great big smile that would light up a room wherever he entered.

Tim loved talking smack to you and Tim could and would communicate with anyone on any level and he was just a delightful person to be around all the time. He was most passionate about food--yes, he loved to eat good food.

Tim enjoyed education. He had a chance to pursue a part of his career when he graduated with an AA degree from Santa Monica College. Most importantly, he learned to speak Spanish.

Tim had great plans for his life in 2019 and wanted to take it to the next level with costume designing.

Our brother’s life was cut short by a predatory man that preys on only Black gay men. But make no mistake Ed Buck--none of this will be swept under the rug by no means. Justice will be served for Timothy Dean aka Timroy Williams.

So just know that we are following a lot of information and watching and listening and doing our homework on all of you that are connected with Ed Buck. We’re aware of the monies that are being accepted as a way to stay silent. Please remember for everyone that holds an elected office that you too still have an honest job to do. This is for the city council, senators, governors, chief and law enforcement. Timothy Dean was and will always be loved and none you will never understand the true meaning of true love.

Love is patient, kind and genuine from the heart.

Ed Buck is heartless but he should know that our family will not rest until justice prevails.

We would like to thank each and every one of for being the change and for helping our family to see this through.

Thank you Color of Change for stepping up and being the voice for the people.

We the family of Timothy Dean aka Timroy Williams want justice for our brother and also Gemmel Moore and we will fight for it.

This you can count on.


The Family of Timothy Dean


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