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Happy 57th Birthday Timothy Dean

Please join Justice 4 Gemmel and All of Ed Buck's Victims in remembering Timothy Dean on the occasion of his 57th birthday.

Timothy died on January 7, 2019, in Ed Buck's apartment of a crystal meth overdose--18 months after the death of Gemmel Moore of the same cause.

We remain in absolute in our belief that Timothy Dean would be alive today if Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey would have taken our calls for justice seriously after Gemmel Moore's death and the stories of Ed Buck's victims. Timothy Dean didn't have to die.

While Ed Buck sits in a federal jail awaiting trial for supplying the drugs that caused their deaths, we remain vigilant in our calls for his conviction and stand with the families of Timothy Dean and Gemmel Moore and will all of Ed Buck's victims.

We send our love to Timothy Dean's family and friends today.

Happy birthday Timothy and you should be alive today.


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