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Ed Buck’s Lawyer Demands Investigation of Councilmember

Monday criminal defense attorney Seymour Amster made an appearance at the meeting of the West Hollywood City Council to defend his client Ed Buck against what he referred to as "character assassination."

Amster, who most recently represented serial killer Lonnie Franklin more commonly referred to as the Grim Sleeper, demanded to know if West Hollywood City Councilmember Lindsey Horvath was involved in what he referred to as "instigating, promoting or financing the character attacks on Mr. Buck." He told the City Council that his office sent in a request for an ethics investigation of Councilmember Horvath for failing to disclose that Buck had in the past opposed her candidacy.

Amster went onto accuse Horvath of using her public office to attack a "private citizen" much like President Trump after demanding that all of her communications be subpoenaed via a grand jury That's a stretch even in my line of work.

The fact is that Councilmember Horvath is the only member of the West Hollywood City Council who has never taken money from Ed Buck. She boldly stepped up when others would not in West Hollywood and asked for a complete and thorough investigation into the claims against Mr. Buck surrounding the July 27 crystal meth overdose death of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore in Buck's apartment--including supporting immunity for other victims of

Buck who have come forward.

But Councilmember Horvath handled it like a pro.


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