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Ed Buck's Bail Request--DENIED

We did it! Today a federal judge in Los Angeles denied Ed Buck bail. Thank you to everyone who supported the families of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean and Ed Buck's other victims by signing our NoBail4EdBuck.competition. We delivered the petition signatures to the federal prosecutors and the judge. Black men in Los Angeles are a little bit (a-lit-tle-bit) safer now that Ed Buck will remain behind bars until his trial in January 2021 on federal charges that he supplied illegal drugs, including crystal meth, to 26-year-old Gemmel Moore and 55-year-old Timothy Dean. We knew that putting Ed Buck under house arrest was not going to stop him from preying on Black men. Both Gemmel and Timothy died inside of Ed Buck’s home. Buck’s home is his playing field.  Mandating that Ed Buck stay home isn’t going to lower the chances of another Black gay man dying. We also knew that with at least $3.4 million in liquid assets, Ed Buck is a flight risk and danger to the community. If freed on bail, there was no guarantee that he would stick around to face charges in the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean. And even if the courts mandated that Ed Buck couldn't use a computer, fly people into town, or use social media dating sites, there is nothing in his history to indicate that Buck would change his previous behavior that led to the deaths of two men and the near-death of countless others. Nothing. The judge made the right decision today and in doing so showed us that Black Queer Lives Matter. Thank you for doing your part.

In Solidarity,  Jasmyne A. Cannick & Justice4Gemmel and All of Ed Buck's Victims


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