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Court Grants Landlord’s Petition to Evict Ed Buck from His Apartment

An L.A. County District Court judge has granted a petition by the lawyer for David Shane Enterprises that will let it proceed with the eviction of Buck from his apartment at 1234 N. Laurel Ave.

Shane Enterprises filed a lawsuit 0n Oct. 3 seeking to evict Buck, citing a variety of issues including nuisance behavior, drug-related activity in Buck’s apartment, and the drug-related deaths of Gemmel Moore and Ed Buck.

Buck fought the eviction and was represented by Seymour Amster, the lawyer known for having represented Lonnie David Franklin Jr., better known by the nickname Grim Sleeper, who was convicted of having committed at least ten murders around Los Angeles from 1988 to 2002.  

Shane Enterprises was represented by Ryan Block of Dennis P. Block & Associates.  Dennis Block said the next steps are getting rid of Buck’s possessions, which will be handed over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


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