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Statement Regarding the Federal Indictment of Ed Buck

Timothy Dean

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The following statements are in response to Edward Buck being indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury on a series of narcotics distribution offenses, including providing methamphetamine to two men who died after being injected with the drug. The indictment alleges that Buck provided methamphetamine to Gemmel Moore, who overdosed on the drug and died on July 27, 2017, and Timothy Dean, who also suffered a fatal overdose in Buck’s apartment, on January 7, 2019.

Each of the charges alleging the distribution of narcotics resulting in death carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in federal prison and a maximum penalty of life without parole.

Buck also faces three counts of distributing methamphetamine to men in May 2018, December 2018 and last month. Each of these three charges carries a maximum statutory penalty of 20 years in federal prison.

Joann Campbell, Timothy’s Sister

“I just wanted to thank everyone one who played a part in getting this indictment, especially the feds for taking this case,” Joann Campbell, Timothy Dean’s sister. “My family is overjoyed with the news today. We all are crying, but with joy. A special thank you to Jasmyne and her team. Thank you for fighting for Tim and being our eyes and ears always. Special thanks to Detective Rodriguez for his continued fight and hard work on this case. We know it was difficult dealing with us pressing you the detectives to work harder. We appreciate their hard work. And to Ed Buck, you will never hurt and cause harm to another family. We are truly grateful!”

Walter Harris, Friend of Timothy Dean’s

“This ordeal has been painful for so many.” said Walter Harris, a long time friend of Timothy Dean’s. “Although I’m happy justice has found its way through all the red tape, delays, and uneven landscape of the law, its with a heavy heart because our friend and brother and two mother’s son are not here with us . So it’s hard to be really happy but we are humbly satisfied that that no one else will have to suffer at the hands of someone that didn’t value their lives and was only interested in his own self gratification.”

Mark Chambers, Friend of Timothy Dean’s

"In light of the events of the past few weeks, it brings great comfort to me that my friend, Timothy Michael Dean, will have his day in court, said Mark Chambers, longtime friend of Timothy Dean's. "As I stated before, only one person can say what happened on January 7, 2019, and he is not talking. But that all changed last month in September when someone survived and was able to tell the story that Timothy and Gemmel were not able to tell. 

Martin Luther King said,  'Justice delayed is justice denied.' I never thought this day would happen, and I hope that justice will not be delayed nor denied to the victims of Ed Buck." 

Hussain Turk, Co-Counsel for the Moore and Dean Families

“Ed Buck has been federally indicted for the killing of Timothy Dean, whose death was not accidental,” said Hussain Turk, attorney for both the Moore and Dean families. “Mr. Dean's death could have been avoided had the County of Los Angeles properly investigated the killing of Gemmel Moore. Instead, the County of Los Angeles failed in its investigation by rejecting the complaints of several other Black gay men who were violently victimized by Ed Buck in between the deaths of Mr. Moore and Mr. Dean. The County's failure to do what the United States Department of Justice has only recently done is proof of the County's unconstitutional policy of refusing to take seriously criminal complaints made by Black gay men. This policy has serious implications. It means that the County does not value the lives of its most vulnerable members, that they can be victimized with impunity. I am grateful to the U.S. Department of Justice for doing what the County failed to do. I am grateful to the U.S. Department of Justice for saying Black lives matter.”

Nana Gyamfi, Co-Counsel for the Moore and Dean Families

“This indictment is a beginning to acknowledging what Gemmel revealed to the world in his own words--over two years ago and after his death through his journal,” said Nana Gyamfi, attorney for both the Moore and Dean families. Ed Buck was and is a killer, a torturer, and a clear and present danger to Black gay men, their families, and communities. We are thrilled for Gemmel and Tim's families and for the victims of Ed Buck's homicidal sadistic depravity who finally feel seen and heard by those who claim to protect victims of crime.”

Attorney Gyamfi continued, “We reiterate that this is just the beginning. The recent conviction and sentencing of Amber Guyger for the murder of Botham Jean in Dallas, Texas, reminds us again that we must stay ever vigilant in demanding that the humanity of Black crime victims be honored and respected throughout this process.”

“Finally, the families and community members who have been devastated by Ed Buck's crimes want to be clear that Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey still has the opportunity to honor and respect the humanity of Ed Buck's victims by investigating this case properly and amending her criminal complaint against Ed Buck to mirror the federal complaint. Except Lacey needs to add two additional charges for felony murder.”

Jasmyne Cannick, Advocate for the Victims of Ed Buck

“Finally! It’s been two-plus long years of fighting for justice for my community--the Black LGBTQ community. It’s been two years of hearing we would never see this day. This is a collective win for all Black people. Our lives matter--even those lives who are the most vulnerable among us. Even the lives of survival sex workers, the homeless and those on drugs. Let this be a warning to all of the other Ed Buck’s creeping around West Hollywood, Los Angeles County and throughout America--we’re coming for you too.”

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