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Statement From the Family of Timothy Dean on the Arrest of Ed Buck

The following statement is from the family of Timothy Dean on the arrest and criminal charges of Ed Buck:

“We’re extremely happy Ed Buck is off the street and can’t kill or harm anyone else.

“We watched the press conference of District Attorney Jackie Lacey the Sheriff take victory laps which we found appalling and shameful. They failed our brother and Gemmel Moore in every possible way. The evidence was there long ago before now.

“Mr. Buck was given special treatment because of his race and status and that is shameful.

“Thanks to the outpour of concern and calls for justice from the community--who knows where the case might not have gone.

“We’re grateful today for the community’s persistence. We’re overjoyed for Ms. LaTisha Nixon in getting justice for Gemmel finally. God bless her family.

“This monster Ed Buck killed our brother Timothy Dean and our family won’t give up or rest until he is charged with his death.

“We miss our brother dearly and will keep fighting for his justice.

“We just wanted to thank all of the people who came out and supported these us. We appreciate you. Justice for Timothy Dean now!”


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