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Prosecutors recommend life in prison for 👨 Ed Buck

Great news!

The prosecutor's sentencing recommendations are in for Ed Buck!

To recap, Ed Buck was found guilty on July 27, 2021, of all nine felony counts in federal court. The verdict came exactly four years after 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, was found dead of a meth overdose in Buck's West Hollywood apartment.

Buck was found guilty of:

  • 2 counts of distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death

  • 4 counts of distributing meth

  • 2 counts of enticement to travel in interstate commerce for prostitution

  • One count of maintaining a drug-involved premises

The Justice Department is recommending life in prison for Ed Buck who is set to be sentenced on April 4!

Prosecutors are recommending the following:

  • Life in prison for providing the drugs that killed Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean

  • 80 years for the four counts of distributing meth

  • 20 years for the one count of maintaining a drug premises

  • 20 years for the two counts of enticement to travel for prostitution

  • Restitution of approximately $52k to each victim

  • A $400,000 fine that is paid to the government

That’s life in prison plus 120 years!

Now a couple of things.

The judge doesn’t have to follow the prosecutor’s recommendations. They’re just recommendations.

Before sentencing, there will be a hearing on Buck’s Motion for Acquittal where the jury’s verdict could be tossed out.

A motion for judgment of acquittal rests on the claim that the evidence at trial was insufficient for a conviction. In other words, Ed Buck is making the argument that no reasonable jury could possibly find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant can ask a judge to acquit on all of the charges or just some of them.

If his motion is granted there could be a new trial. He could even be freed.

So before we take our victory lap, we’re waiting to see the outcome of the hearing on March 28. There’s no sentencing if he’s acquitted.

Finally, this is a criminal case. There are three civil lawsuits still pending against Ed Buck, including two wrongful death lawsuits. Those are taking place in civil court and those trials will be later this year and in 2023. Those lawsuits are being paid for by the surviving victims themselves and through the Justice For Gemmel and All of Ed Buck’s Victims Legal Fund. So thank you for donating! Friday, March 25 would have been Timothy Dean's 59th birthday. Let's all take a moment to stop and remember him and send our love to his family and friends.

Well, there you have it. That’s our update!

We will be hosting the survivors of Ed Buck and the families of Gemmel and Timothy while they are in Los Angeles for the sentencing, including holding a private celebration dinner. If you would like to donate to help pay for their on-the-ground expenses (meals, transportation), please contact


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