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2021 Was The Year Justice Showed Up

2021 was the year that justice showed up for Ed Buck's victims.

Convicted on all nine counts, Buck sits in jail in Los Angeles awaiting his sentencing. It took four long hard years to get there and we couldn't have done it without the support of so many. Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who have donated and supported our work. But we need your support as much as ever right now.

Ed Buck has been convicted, but he won't pay a dime to the families and victims devastated by his cruelty without a fight. We know Ed Buck is still making money--enough to pay for expensive attorneys to fight for him in both criminal and civil court. Ed Buck knows that our attorneys don't have the money he has, and neither do his victims who are suing him. He hopes he can buy his way out of paying his victims. He hopes that his conviction means that we will fade away and that he'll never have to be financially accountable for killing Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean and for trying to kill Dane.

But, the devil is a lie.

Because in civil court the person suing is responsible for court costs, in order to be successful in this fight, we need your help to raise $30k in the next 30 days to cover basic legal costs. These costs include depositions, court filing fees, and expert fees--not our attorney's fee. If we can't raise the money, we won't' be able to fight in court for Ed Buck's victims.

Please donate today and share!


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